Economic Impact Report
New York City

New York is a place where everyone has truly always been welcome. The city has been a symbol for belonging for centuries and Airbnb is proud of the part it plays in keeping New York open for everyone.

Hosts open their doors to visitors and earn just enough extra income to let them stay in their homes, in the neighborhoods they love.

Guests see the best version of our city—a place where families raise their kids, where ideas grow into thriving businesses, and where artists come to be inspired. Their visitors support the shops and restaurants that make each NYC neighborhood vibrant and special.

Click here to see a full report on Airbnb economic impact in New York City. Then read below to see some numbers that show how Airbnb helps keep New York a place where everyone belongs:


Airbnb guests save on their stay, so they have longer visits and spend more while they’re here.


Airbnb guests spend more at local New York City businesses throughout the 5 boroughs. In 2014, the Airbnb community spent a total of $844 million at NYC businesses.


Most Airbnb hosts are outside traditional tourist zones and many are in the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn.


The extra spending supports working New Yorkers.


More hosts in New York City than ever before say that hosting on Airbnb helps them stay in their home.


The number of Airbnb guests visiting NYC continues to grow. In 2014, Airbnb welcomed 767,000 guests to New York City.


We want to work with New York’s elected officials to update the law so Airbnb can collect and remit taxes on behalf of its hosts.  We estimate the city and state would see an increase in tax revenue of $65 million.